Born in Wild East.

Believes that reality is ultimately timeless and in the logic of the universe.

Often named: dancer, performer and teacher.

Rooted herself with Fighting Monkey practice, studding anthropology of culture and in SEAD, where she graduated with a double diploma in choreography and performing.

For last 13 years, she has been walking on Fighting Monkey path  

and this gave an axis to her teaching and life.

As pedagogue she is motivated by an urge for movement -

as consequence of being alive - and by endless will to share.

Her teaching is totally based on Fighting Monkey practice and reaches dancers, actors, circus and sports people and all movers.


Currently busy with: Fighting Monkey, Chinese medicine studies, stillness, awakening of the archetypes together with CHVE/collaboration

“This Kind Of Bird...”/ and last but not least - searching for mindful shapelessness under the gaze of Lisbeth Gruwez.

Natalia Pieczuro